Monday, June 20, 2011

Asean Korea Competiton

Have you heard this? ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Competition (detail)

This is your free ticket to Korea!! X caya~ Aku da pergi Korea da pon, free of charge, tahun lepas(2010)

This year, ASEAN-Korea organize this competition, for the third time.
And Universiti Malaysia Pahang had been represent Malaysia 2 years a row, but this year, Haris Abadi(i dont know who? search yourself) win this competition.

1st Competition : Universiti Malaysia Pahang 1st place (detail)
2nd Competition : Universiti Malaysia Pahang 2nd place (detail)
3rd Competition : Haris Abadi ~this year, each country have a winner n dont have to compete with another country

What special about this competition??
1. free charge from KLIA to Seoul Airport (economic but it has tv, so you can watch movie or listen music)
2. get a card (like touch n' go) about RM100, so you can go anywhere you want with taxi, bus, or train, u also can use it at shop.
3. get about RM 400 for u to spend it for a week, each person (i come with my friend, so we got RM800)
4. 3 Stars hotel, but i think 4/5 stars if compare with Malaysia
5. Breakfast Lunch Dinner, but for Muslim, be careful
6. Your video/picture will be show at gallery for 2 weeks!!

So, try this competition next year!!

Below, picture from Korea

salji, yuki, snow??

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